Advances in Primate Auditory Neurophysiology

Satellite symposium at SFN 2003


November 7, 2003 (Friday), New Orleans Morial Convention Center (Room: 255)


Final Program


8:00-8:50            Registration and Coffee


8:50-9:00            Introduction (Xiaoqin Wang)


9:00-9:30            Keynote: Jon Kaas (Vanderbilt University), The evolution of the auditory cortex


Session I: Auditory Cortex Organization and Function (Chair: Yale Cohen)


9:30-9:50         Biao Tian and J. Rauschecker (Georgetown University), Parallel processing streams in primate auditory cortex


9:50-10:10       David Blake and M. Merzenich (UCSF), Tone pip reverse correlation and A1 receptive fields


10:10 –10:30    Pingbao Yin1,2, J. Fritz3, M. Mishkin2 (1University of California, Davis, 2NIMH-NIH, and 3University of Maryland), Auditory response properties of rostral superior temporal cortex neurons in the awake monkey


10:30 - 11:00            COFFEE BREAK


11:00-11:20     Edward Bartlett and X. Wang (Johns Hopkins University), Persistent modulation by temporal context in auditory cortex of the awake marmoset


11:20-11:40     Mitch Sutter, K. O’Conner, and C. Petkov (University California, Davis), Psychophysical and neural correlates of auditory perceptual fill-in


11:40-12:00     Mal Semple, B. Scott, B. Malone (NYU), Envelope processing in the auditory cortex of awake rhesus macaques


12:00-12:20     Michael Brosch, J. Goldschmidt, E. Selezneva, E. Oshurkova, A. Melikyan, and H. Scheich (Leibniz Institute), Context affects neuronal firing in primate auditory cortex

12:20-12:40     Steven W. Cheung, B. Godey, C.A. Atencio, B. Bonham, C.E. Schreiner (UCSF), Representation of Frequency Modulation in the Primary Auditory Cortex of the Squirrel Monkey

12:40 – 2:00            LUNCH (on your own)


Session II: Higher Cortical Areas, Multisensory Processing (Chair: Lynn Luethke)


2:00-2:20         Troy Hackett1, J. Smiley2, C. Schroeder2,3 (1Vanderbilt University, 2Nathan Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research, 3Albert Einstein College of Medicine), Multisensory integration in primate auditory cortex


2:20-2:40         Yale Cohen1, G. Gifford III1, M. Hauser2, and K. MacLean1 (1Dartmouth College and 2Harvard University), Context and referent category dependant auditory responses in ventral prefrontal cortex


2:40-3:00         Lizabeth Romanski1, M. Hauser2, and B. Averbeck1 (1University of Rochester and 2Harvard University), Responses of auditory neurons in ventrolateral prefrontal cortex to species-specific vocalizations


3:00-3:20         Asif Ghazanfar1, C. Darwin2, and N. Logothetis1 (1Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics and 2University of Sussex), Neural correlates of individual recognition by voice in rhesus monkeys 


3:20-3:40            Jennifer Groh, K. Kelly, R. Metzger, O, Mullette-Gillman, A. Underhill, and U.

Werner-Reiss (Dartmouth College), Visual-auditory integration: the role of eye-position information


3:40-4:00            Luis Populin (U. Wisconsin, Madison), Sound localization in monkey with unrestrained head


4:00–4:30            COFFEE BREAK


Session II (continue): Higher Cortical Areas, Multisensory Processing (Chair: Xiaoqin Wang)


4:30-4:50         Andrew Bell and D. Munoz (Queens University), Using auditory and visual stimuli to study the behavioral and neuronal consequences of covert orienting


4:50-5:10         Anja Schlack, S.J. Sterbing-D'Angelo, K. Hartung, K.P. Hoffmann, and F. Bremmer (Ruhr-Universität Bochum), Macaque area VIP encodes visual and auditory space in multiple reference frames


5:10-5:30         Mitchell Steinschneider. Y. Fishman, and J. Arezzo (Albert Einstein School of Medicine) Gamma-band activity in primary auditory cortex (A1) of the awake monkey


5:30-5:50         John Brugge (University of Wisconsin, Madison and University of Iowa), Auditory cortex of human: functional organization and connectivity


5:50-6:10         Bernd Lütkenhöner1, K. Krumbholz1,2, A. Seither-Preisler1, and R. Patterson2 (1Münster University and 2University of Cambridge), Magnetoencephalography studies of auditory structure and function, and the interaction with studies in non-human primates


6:10-6:30         Amy Poremba1, M.M. Malloy3, R.C. Saunders3, R.E. Carson2, P. Herscovitch2, and M. Mishkin3 (1Univ. of Iowa, 2CC-NIH, 3LN-NIMH), FDG-PET brain imaging in awake rhesus monkeys: mapping auditory cortex processing during a variety of experimental conditions


6:30-6:40            Travel Award Announcement (Lynn Luethke)


6:40-6:50            Future Plans (Yale Cohen)