Advances in Primate Auditory Neurophysiology II

Satellite symposium at SFN 2004


October 22, 2004 (Friday), San Diego Convention Center (Room: 28D-E)


Scientific Program


8:30-9:00           Registration and Poster set-up (all posters)


9:00-9:10           Introduction (Yale Cohen)


9:10-9:55           Keynote: Mortimer Mishkin (NIH), The mystery of auditory memory mechanisms in the monkey.


Slide Session I: Neural coding (Chair: Yale Cohen)


10:00-10:20       Philip Joris (K. U. Leuven), Temporal synchronization in the auditory periphery of macaque monkeys.


10:25-10:45       Brian Scott (NYU), Parsing the core: a comparison of single-unit responses in primary (AI) and rostral (R) auditory cortex of awake rhesus macaques.


10:50-11:50       Poster Session & Coffee Break


11:50-12:10       Daniel Bendor ( Johns Hopkins University ), Neuronal representation of pitch in the auditory cortex of awake primates.


12:15-12:35       Kevin O’Connor (UC, Davis), Stimulus optimization for auditory cortical neurons.


12:40-1:50         Lunch (on your own)


Slide Session II: Multi-modal processing, learning and memory  (Chair: Xiaoqin Wang)


1:50-2:10           Chi-Ming Chen (Nathan Kline Institute), Neurophysiology of Intermodal Selective Attention in Macaque Auditory Cortex.


2:15-2:35           Liz Romanski ( Univ. of Rochester ), Multisensory processing of vocalizations and faces in the prefrontal cortex.


2:40-3:00           Amy Poremba ( University of Iowa ), FDG-PET Imaging in rhesus monkeys during auditory working memory.


3:05-3:25           Ralph Beitel (UC, San Francisco ), Responses of Neurons in Primary Auditory Cortex of Marmoset Monkeys (Callithrix jacchus) Trained to Discriminate the Sweep Direction of Frequency Modulated Tones.


3:30-6:00        Poster Session (continued)


Poster session presenters (first author, alphabetically):

(1) Victoria Bajo (6) Christopher DiMattina (11) Ryan Metzger (16) Vatsun Sadagopan
(2) Edward Bartlett (7) Yon Fishman (12) Aimee Mills (17) Ross Snider
(3) David Blake (8) Jeremy Greenlee (13) Monica Muñoz (18) Mitch Steinschneider
(4) Michael Brosch (9) Yukiko Kikuchi (14) Ashley Pistorio (19) Uri Werner-Reiss
(5) Yale Cohen (10) Klaus Mathiak (15) Jeffrey Sable